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You can purchase the courses individually and will have unlimited time to complete the course. You can use your PC, TV, or mobile phone. You can purchase multiple courses at once or serially. Each course features an experienced senior executive who provides insight and/or guidance that helped them in their career, and can also be applied to your unique circumstance. The courses generally take between two and five hours to complete and are priced accordingly.
At this time there is no ability to subscribe to Mentorforce services. You must purchase each online course individually, and/or pay an hourly rate for mentor interactions. Most mentors WILL offer bundle packages for discounted hourly rates. We are investigating the possibility of offering “all you can eat” subscriptions in the future.
No, the courses are not downloadable in their entirety. You are able to view the courses on any device (Mobile, PC, TV) but must have either a WiFi or Cellular connection to do so.
There is a 30-day (after purchase) full money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the content of the course or believe it did not help you for career purposes, please send an email to [email protected] and we will issue a refund.
You will see a continual introduction of new video courses from executive instructors. These courses will offer unique perspectives on corporate leadership, drill-downs on specific topics, and guidance for students at all levels of an organization. There is no set timetable for new course launches, but we will notify you via email when they are available.
Our mentors are expected to have held significant leadership and/or executive positions, most likely in mid to large size companies, and have a track record of success and meaningful responsibility. When you submit a request to become a mentor, we will require your LinkedIn profile and brief employment history in order to validate your credentials.
Mentorforce is designed as a virtual resource center and networking venue, and as such, the overwhelming majority of meetings are expected to take place online via common technology tools such as Zoom or Skype. There is the possibility that you will find a mentor in your local area (or through travel) and the decision to meet in person is up to the individuals.
It is possible that you will not find a mentor that meets all of your desired criteria. Keep in mind however that our mentors are very experienced, and their insight can still provide great value. Specifically, you may consider searching mentors who are listed in the “General Management” category, indicating they have experience leading teams across multiple disciplines.
As a dynamic marketplace, refund policies are determined by each mentor separately. You will be able to see their individual refund policy before booking time, or can specifically ask via the messaging feature. If you participate in a mentoring session and are unsatisfied with the experience, you can request a refund. If the request is rejected, our support staff will review the situation in hopes of finding a solution that works for both parties. You have the ability to cancel a mentoring session BEFORE the scheduled time at no cost. You will not be charged until the time/date of the booked appointment has passed.