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Alliance of Women in Tech Leadership
Financial Services Senior Account Executive 12/2002 - 03/2008 | Cary
Worldwide Marketing Manager of E-commerce 11/1998 - 11/1999 | Research Triangle Park
Senior Director or Marketing and Recruiting 10/2011 - 03/2014 | Raleigh
Director of Strategic Partners 03/2002 - 12/2002 | Cary
Director of Business Development 09/99 - 09/00 | Research Triangle Park
Executive Board Member 07/2014 - 06/2020 | Raleigh
Executive Board Member 11/2018 - 11/2020 | Raleigh
Contributing Columnist 08/2018 - 12/2020 | Durham
University of South Alabama 09/1990 - 09/1993 | Mobile
SpringHill College 09/1983 - 05/1987 | Mobile
Human Resources

B2B Tech Sales, Marketing, Recruiting, Career Coach in SaaS startups

Career transitions can be scary and intimidating. Having a guide during this time can help keep you focused so that you secure your dream role that aligns with your passion and talents. I show you how to discover that passion and structure your search.

Banking Cloud Communications Digital FinTech Healthcare Technology Hospitals and Physicians Media and Entertainment Medical Devices Professional Services Software
Advertising Board Member Brand and Product Management Communications Data Science Digital Diversity and Inclusion Executive Coaching Founder HR Operations Management People and Culture Project Management Recruiting Sales Management Sr Executive Leadership Strategy Talent Management

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