Victoria Lonker
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Verizon 10/2017 - 12/2021 | Basking Ridge, NJ
Virginia Tech 08/1983 - 06/1987 | Blacksburg, VA
Virginia Tech 08/1990 - 06/1993 | Blacksburg, VA

Senior Exec Product Innovation at Fortune 13, Product Strategy, Business Transformation, People Potential

As an experienced senior technology executive in Engineering, Sales, Finance and Product, I help people and teams align strengths, corporate strategy and market differentiators to customer needs and market trends - enabling the creation of winning deals, products and platforms.

Cloud Communications Digital Professional Services
Brand and Product Management People and Culture Sales Engineering Sales Management Sr Executive Leadership Strategy

General leadership, problem solving, Playing to Win (TM), deal management or other curated coaching to individual or teams in 10 - 1 hour sessions or 20 - 30 minute sessions.

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