Jim Thomas
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Panda Restaurant Group
Darden Restaurants, Inc.
Oberweis Dairy, Inc.
University of Chicago - - - | Chicago, IL
The Pennsylvania State University - - - | University Park, PA
General Management

Dynamic Senior Executive with operational successes in senior management roles across world-class entities. Leads matrixed organizations and stakeholders in strategic efforts, roadmaps

Facilitate the growth and development of people, partnerships and processes meeting global growth challenges, while enabling any team to realize their personal and professional dreams in a culture of intensity, workability and integrity. Two decades of mentorship both as mentor and mentee.

Contract Services Distribution and Transportation Hospitality Infrastructure Manufacturing Professional Services Retail
Board Member Diversity and Inclusion Executive Coaching Generalist Learning and Development Logistics Management Manufacturing People and Culture Procurement Program Management Project Management Risk Management Sr Executive Leadership Strategy Talent Management

Six sessions between Mentee and Mentor personalizing actions, follow-ups and progression.

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