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Linebaugh Consulting, LLC
Dell Inc.
University of Texas at Arlington 08/18/1980 - 12/14/1984 | Arlington

Fortune 100 Senior Executive

As a Sr Executive leading product development for multi-billion dollar technology companies, I've helped many who have aspired to have greater impact through Executive Leadership roles. I've always been passionate about helping others. I look forward to helping you.

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I will help you convert your life/career aspirations, capabilities, potential and investment commitments into a tailored Career Management Action Plan designed to help you achieve your aspirations.

All of us run into roadblocks and speed bumps on our career journey. I will help you perform a Career Diagnostic to identify roadblocks that are impeding your progression toward you career aspirations and I will assist you in establishing an action plan to overcome these impediments. <br /><br />

As we progress on our career, we often don't comprehend the breadth and depth of senior leadership roles, particularly in R&D/Engineering. I will help you gain clarity on role of Sr R&D Leaders and the skills necessary to play each of the roles, well.

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